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Intimate partner violence (IPV) and child welfare

Supplementary readings relevant to topics and practice areas covered in the IPV/VAW course

About this guide

In this guide you will find supplementary readings and additional resources relevant to topics and practice areas covered in the OACAS course "Collaborating to Address the Intersection Of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)/Violence Against Women (VAW) and Child Safety." Use the sidebar menu on the left to browse information and find resources – such as publications, videos, and websites – to assist with your research and inspire continued learning.

Additional supports from OACAS


This guide is intended as a supplementary resource for staff at Children's Aid Societies and Indigenous Well-being Agencies. It is not intended as an authority on social work or legal practice, nor is it meant to be representative of all perspectives in child welfare. Staff are encouraged to think critically when reviewing publications and other materials, and to always confirm practice and policy at their agency.