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Anti-Black racism and child welfare

Information, links, and resources related to anti-Black racism in child welfare and achieving equity for African Canadian children, youth, and families

About this guide

This guide is intended to provide information relevant to Ontario child welfare and anti-Black racism, which is a form of racism that is distinct from the oppression experienced by other racialized communities. The guide also includes resources in support of achieving equity for African Canadian children, youth, and families involved with child welfare.

A note on terminology

The term "African Canadian" is used to refer to all people of African descent residing in Canada, regardless of their cultural background, citizenship status, or place of birth (e.g. Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, England, etc.). While there is a great deal of ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity within this population, the term speaks to a shared identity stemming from the experience of being Black in Canada, including the experience of anti-Black racism.


This guide is intended as a supplementary resource for staff at Children's Aid Societies and Indigenous Well-being Agencies. It is not intended as an authority on social work or legal practice, nor is it meant to be representative of all perspectives in child welfare. Staff are encouraged to think critically when reviewing publications and other materials, and to always confirm practice and policy at their agency.