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COVID-19 and child welfare

Collection of resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and child welfare

Implications and considerations for child welfare

Government announcements relating to child welfare and social services

Child welfare response to date

During these unprecedented times, child welfare agencies are adopting precautions and risk-management strategies based on the latest advice and guidance issued from their local Public Health Unit (PHU).

Responses and service changes to date include:

  • Closing public access to offices
  • Using the government-provided screening tool with families
  • Implementing work from home or remote work arrangements where possible
  • Postponing group meetings, trainings, and cultural programming and events
  • Increasing cleaning services and providing additional sanitizer throughout offices and other facilities 
  • Offering only essential services and/or services by appointment
  • Exploring alternative ways to deliver services and meet obligations (e.g. court-mandated access) through technology such as FaceTime and Skype