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Child Welfare + Social Work Podcasts

Podcasts that are relevant to child welfare practitioners.

Child Welfare & Social Work Podcasts

Podcasts are digital files that can be listened to via streaming or download, and have exploded in popularity in the past ten years. While podcasts can be used to catch up on news stories and listen in on interesting interviews between public figures, podcasts are also being used as spaces to host crucial conversations across every line of work, including child welfare and social work, and can serve as excellent supplementary professional development. As new podcasts are released regularly, this guide is intended to be organic and will grow as the podcasts in the field grow. Suggestions are always welcome! 

There are two main sections in this guide: Recommended Podcasts, and Recommended Episodes. Recommended Podcasts provides a list of podcasts that are dedicated to the child welfare and social work sectors, or that might benefit people working in those fields directly or indirectly. Recommended Episodes is a listing of podcast episodes that are focusing in on the child welfare sector in that particular episode, without necessarily being a podcast dedicated to child welfare overall.  

If you are new to podcasts and are looking for ways to start listening, you can learn more about that here. Though we only provide links to one platform per podcast or episode in this guide, most of these podcasts are available on multiple platforms (ie. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SpotifyStitcher, and more).  

Recommended Podcasts

Child Welfare Specific

General Social Work

Intersectional Voices

  • Visit the Truth and Reconciliation LibGuide for a list of podcasts, oral histories, and stories that are narrated and focused on the experiences and perspectives of Indigenous creators and authors.