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Trauma and child welfare

Collection of resources related to trauma and child welfare.

About this guide

This guide provides access to a variety of materials relating to trauma and child welfare, including resources on the following topics:

  • The impacts of trauma on child development and well-being
  • The relationship between histories/experiences of trauma and parenting/family functioning
  • Types of trauma, including trauma that can affect an entire community or people (e.g. colonization and racism) and trauma that can be passed on within a specific family (e.g. intimate partner violence)
  • Steps that the child welfare system can take towards preventing the retraumatization or perpetuation of trauma within families

Understanding trauma and its impacts

Historical, intergenerational, and collective trauma

Understanding trauma-informed care and service delivery in child welfare

Trauma-informed organizational culture and readiness

Trauma-informed child welfare practice

Secondary trauma in child welfare